Letter To My Younger Self

December 30th is here and I’m 31.….wooohoooo! It’s my  BIRTHDAY!!

How does it feel to be on 3rd floor? This is a question I’m asked each time I say I am in my 30s. I have a few things to tell my younger self regarding how it feels to be 31, my realisations and life’s lessons. So here goes……………….


Dear Young Penny (or should that be dear me? Dear us?… anyway… lol)

We are now 31 years old….imagine!! Years have really flown by and I am still living a fulfilled life.

You know how they say they’ll be flying cars in 2018? Well there aren’t……….

Here are some other things you should probably know. I have had tons of experience with relationships by now. I have gotten engaged but that didn’t work out (story for another day), we have a master degree (I know! I know! We said that we would never go an extra mile when education is involved, but its an amazing experience.) Also, I have experienced heartache and pain and have caused others the same. But that has come with a whole ton of knowledge and life skills.

Read for yourself what I have come to realise about myself:

  • I am surrounded by Love: I have always been surrounded by my loving, strong, supportive parents and my brothers. Over the past years I have come to love, cherish and appreciate them a little bit more. They have seen me go through the good, the bad and the ugly that life offers as cliché as it might sound.
  • I am Strong I have gone through so much this past year and here I am still standing (tall for that matter) and still fighting. I have lost friends that I did not think I would ever loose in life. On the other side, I have gained some spectacular friends with whom we have some awesome memories!
  • I am Better: I am better than what my foes think……funny thing is, I have been told alot about myself. The things I’ve heard range from “Penny you are negative, you are too much, you are sarcastic, you can do better…………blah!blah!blah…” Well guess what? I am better than what they say about me coz I’ve come to realize that the final say rests with me.
  • I am More I have learnt to love myself, respect myself and appreciate myself a thousand times more. There’s so much to me that I need to embrace and discover. Looking forward to this year.

Here are my top life lessons:

1.Timelines are BS:
When are you getting married?” When are you getting pregnant?” All these questions yet no one bothers to ask me…….”are you happy Penny?” My biggest lesson from all these timelines the society has for us is that anyone who makes you feel like you’re “behind” should be ignored, ignored I say. Same to the other people who tell you you should be this and that because of your age. I chose to follow my gut and not theirs and do me. I for one, am not going to feel bad because “I’m too old” or feel bad about being childless/unmarried or change my ways just because someone else thinks I should. That is RIDICULOUS! Life will progress the way it should……..Gods timings!

2. Mistakes:
I have made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of failures and its OK to make mistakes. They are there to teach us, if we learn from them and correct our ways, better things are bound to come from them. FYI don’t wait to learn from your own mistakes. Watch, listen, and learn from the mistakes of others

3. Finding Validation:
Don’t let other people rent space in your head for free. That’s valuable real estate. What other people think of you is none of your business. Be you and let go. Repeat. This is a tough one for us. It requires constant practice. We struggle and trip over this one at times

4. Dream
Don’t let anyone ever tell you your dreams are out of reach. Only YOU know your full potential. Start creating a plan to achieve your goals. Focus on what excites you and collect the information about your calling. Dreams do come true. But dreams are nothing without action. Dream it, then DO it!

5. Self-Love
Don’t ever judge yourself in comparison to others. Instead, judge yourself against what you know you’re capable of. You can’t change anyone, except yourself. Conversely, be wary of anyone who tries to change you to suit their ideal. Celebrate your victories in life… even the small ones

6. Learn to let go
When a door closes, leave it closed. There’s always an open window just around the corner.

7. Be Kind:
Be kind and smile. It’s good for the soul, it’s a mood-changer, it’s contagious and … it attracts. Kindness and a smile are the ultimate positive boomerangs.

8. Break Rules, Not Hearts
Already you’re questioning “the way things are”.  Keep that up; the world needs more rebels like us and heretics. Have the courage to turn that questioning into action; keep marching, keep speaking up, keep helping and caring for others


31 year old Penny

At thirty you let go of what it supposed to be and you let be.


  1. Waw!!! Amazing I enjoyed reading it, very encouraging.
    Keep up the positive spirit, you are still very young and yet to experience more.
    Go girl ✨❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 8. Break Rules, Not Hearts
    Already you’re questioning “the way things are”. Keep that up; the world needs more rebels like us and heretics. Have the courage to turn that questioning into action; keep marching, keep speaking up, keep helping and caring for others…sunk deeeeep!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Real – how I would describe this piece.

    It comes across as inspiring to so many people who are handcuffed by societal expectations of them that they don’t get to Live their lives!

    It is sad for a person to live a life that isn’t theirs – for example it is quite common that career paths are predetermined in families , become a doctor because it is a family of doctors, etc.

    I know you are a diverse being in many respects, but I am pleasantly surprised by this! Well done!

    Incidentally, I too have a blog on wordpress lol! – profile name is Dosh. I have published only one piece and have many on draft, its time to unleash the controversy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dosh. I will definitely follow your blog and get to read your pieces. We can also exchange ideas. Looking forward to a great blogging friendship, I wish I knew your full names #HidesFace

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  4. Now this is more like it baby gal. I am happy and glad you are doing this thank you for the advice. Means a tonne. Keep on keeping on Hun.

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